Florida enacts statewide protections against LGBTQ discrimination

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Although Florida is home to a large population of LGBTQ members, official protections against discrimination has been severely lacking for this group until recently.

A huge victory for LGBTQ minorities comes in the form of a statewide implementation of the Bostock v. Clayton County decision.

Florida fully implements the Supreme Court’s decision

According to the Human Rights Campaign website, Florida’s Commission on Human Relations released a statement regarding its intentions regarding the Bostock v. Clayton County decision. Protections will now exist for LGBTQ members, on a statewide level, to protect them from discrimination in employment, housing and other public services. This action forbids discrimination due to someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

In the original case, the Supreme Court ruled that discrimination based on the above-mentioned factors is a form of sex discrimination. The decision defines this type of discrimination as prohibited.

Inclusion for LGBTQ members at work

These protections finally give LGBTQ members equal protection at the workplace, making discrimination a punishable offense. People with different sexual orientations or gender identities now fall under the protected class category, which means an employer may not treat them unfairly.

Inclusion is an important part of having a discrimination-free workplace. If an employer has an application process that regularly refuses employment to protected classes, that employer may be guilty of discrimination. Other signs of discrimination include unequal pay, unfair reviews and denying certain classes of people benefits.

For people who have questions regarding the legality of their employers’ actions, it may be a good idea to reach out to someone for guidance.


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