3 indications you may have carpal tunnel syndrome

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If you are a hairstylist, aesthetician, barber, beautician, nail technician or another kind of cosmetologist, you may be at risk of contracting work-related injuries. Cosmetology may not possess the same association with high injury rates that industries like construction and manufacturing do, but it does have the potential to be hard on the body.

One condition that may afflict you as a result of your work is carpal tunnel syndrome when a nerve running from the forearm to the hand suffers compression. This is a kind of repetitive strain injury, caused by repeated motions and restricted positioning. There are certain signs that may indicate you have it.

1. Numbness and tingling

Early symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome include numbness, tingling or burning in the palm of your hand. It may also affect your thumb and middle and index fingers. Eventually, these sensations may also spread up the arm to the shoulder. They often appear sporadically, such as when just waking up or when your wrist is in a bent position.

2. Pain

You may also experience sharp “shocks” shooting through your fingers. Besides these little jolts, there may also be pain in the same areas as the numbness and tingling. You may even feel as if you have swelling without developing the actual visible signs of it.

3. A decline in ability

Your hands and wrists may begin to weaken, making it difficult to grip objects. You may find yourself dropping items randomly or having trouble performing tasks that need extreme coordination. Muscles in the hands may even start to atrophy.

If you suspect that you have carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of your job and have concerns about difficulty doing your tasks or medical expenses, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. You have options.

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