How does cosmetology affect your back?

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As a hairstylist, you spend hours on your feet, wielding various tools for your client’s hair. Your posture and equipment factor into how well you feel after a shift. Your job can lead to workplace injuries.

According to Allure, practicing cosmetology can cause damage to your muscles, back and posture.

Impact of hairstyling on your body

As a hairstylist, you have to angle over your client for hours. While doing so, you often have scissors, a brush or a hairdryer in hand. The position that hairdressers must work in has a name: the forward flexed position. This means that you have to round your back to reach your client. Likewise, the equipment and your arms pull your body forward.

When not hovering over a client, you may require more muscular force to stay upright. Tension begins to increase on your upper back and your neck. Not only does this affect your posture, but it can lead to neck and upper back pain. Additionally, you may have tendinitis, shoulder aches and carpal tunnel syndrome. Osteoarthritis, back spasms and tension headaches are also common conditions that cosmetologists face.

Treatments to soothe back injuries

Some hairstylists may benefit from spine and muscle realignment. Treatments, such as gua sha, may improve circulation and reset your muscles. To protect your back and shoulders, hairstylists require multiple breaks throughout the day. You should have a break between clients.

To reduce the likelihood of injury, you must remain aware of your body’s position and remember to stretch as often as possible. Ergonomic equipment may also reduce your risk of injury while working.

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