In what ways might I experience age discrimination?

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The AARP surveyed employees aged 55 and older and found that 78% experienced or observed age discrimination at work. As reported by ABC Action News for WFTS Tampa Bay, about one-third of the nation’s workforce consists of employees over the age of 50.

With widespread layoffs during 2020 and 2021, the AARP found that about 50% of employees over 55 faced long-term unemployment. These out-of-work individuals have not found employment for at least six months. When applying for new jobs, many individuals believed employers passed them up and hired younger applicants.

Discrimination may occur during recruitment and hiring

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s website notes that the law protects individuals from age discrimination after turning 40. Some employers may practice discrimination when recruiting candidates to apply for open jobs.

The EEOC advises that recruitment advertisements targeting specific age groups, which could include social media, may violate the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967. On-the-job training may also violate the ADEA if designed only for certain age brackets.

Lawsuits may hold companies accountable

Federal labor laws prohibit hiring or promoting an applicant based on age. If you experience any form of mistreatment that relates to your age, you may document the incidents or interactions that could help prove your claim.

Comments that might discourage you from applying for a job or a promotion based on your age, for example, could classify as harassment. If you find that an employer decided not to hire you because of favoritism toward younger applicants, you may seek relief through legal action.

Individuals of all ages have a right to seek employment or strive to advance within a company. If you experience age discrimination, legal action may provide a remedy that could include the wages or benefits you would have received.

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