How can scaffolding lead to an injury at work?

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As a construction worker, working far above the ground or on a hanging platform could feel like second nature to you.

However, there are several ways that scaffolding can lead to a serious accident. Learning about the common patterns and causes can help you if you become injured.

Unstable platforms

According to the United States Department of Labor, workers typically build supported scaffolds from the ground up with wooden planks as the main walkways for workers. If one of those planks is not properly built or is too small for the structure, you could easily slip and fall to the ground.

Workers who are rushing to finish constructing a scaffold may ignore the safety rules or rush the building process. Head injuries and spinal cord trauma from this accident can leave you unable to work or complete many tasks you could before.

Loose tools

A hammer or screwdriver laying out on a plank may not seem like a problem, but it can lead to a devastating accident for people who step on it and lose their balance. Employees leaving these tools scattered around can also risk dropping them on someone’s head from above.

A heavy object falling from several feet that strikes a worker in the head can cause brain damage.

Unsafe electrical areas

In some cases, you may need to work near power lines while on a scaffold. If you are erroneously told it is safe to assemble or move an item near these power lines, you could be at risk for a deadly shock. These scaffolding injuries can happen when a worker gets too close to dangerous wires or falls from great heights.

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