Slip and fall injuries and workers’ compensation

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Usually, slip and fall injuries do not cause severe damage. Nevertheless, according to the National Safety Council, slips, trips and falls cause 18 percent of all workplace injuries.

Not every employer in Florida has workers’ compensation, but if you work for a company with at least four employees, they must legally carry insurance for workplace injuries. If you recently suffered a slip and fall injury, continue reading to learn more about the claims process.

Florida is a no-fault state

Workers who injure themselves at work do not have to prove negligence on the part of their employer. Florida is a no-fault state, so even if you caused your accident, the employer still owes you insurance coverage. However, to qualify for workers’ compensation, you must be on the job during the injury. Cases where you are on break or on the premises after working hours are more difficult to prove, but it does not hurt to investigate your options.

Company policy still matters

Even though you do not have to prove negligence, you still need to follow company policy to qualify for workers’ compensation. For instance, if you engaged in dangerous behavior or injured yourself under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the company does not have to compensate you. For this reason, it helps to have a witness who attests to your compliance with company policy.

Florida does not have the most forgiving workers’ compensation policies compared to other states. However, if you do not engage in reckless behavior that causes an injury, most employees have a good chance of receiving payment for lost wages.

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