What dangers lie in wait on a construction site?

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Busting a sweat on the construction site is one element of your job that you cannot avoid. Suffering an injury, however, may come down to remaining diligent in your surroundings and safety practice.

Construction site injuries continue to rise as building projects continue in record numbers. Remaining safe and injury-free should remain a priority for workers and supervisors alike. Do you know what your biggest dangers are at work? Learn more about some of the highest hazards you may encounter during the workday.

What is the top risk for construction workers?

One of the most dangerous elements of construction work is the height from which you may have to scale. Not only when working on a roof but also on ladders and scaffolding. Working at any height proves a challenge regarding safety, and falls are the number one way construction site workers wind up hurt. Always exercise caution and wear proper safety harnesses when working above the ground.

What are other common injury causes?

While falls occur at alarming rates, many other hazards present themselves daily on the job. When keeping yourself protected, keep an eye out for some of these common accident facilitators:


When water meets electricity, the results may prove catastrophic. Operating tools in standing water or stumbling upon live and exposed wires may cause burns and permanent damage to workers.


With all the large machinery present on the construction site, occasional strikes to workers can happen. Amputations and life-long disability may result from equipment strikes.


Workers may become wedged and stuck between objects due to a collapse or equipment collision. Crush injuries may result in long-term disability issues.

Proper training and adherence to safety standards can help keep you and other workers safe at work. Treatment and recovery may warrant a workers’ compensation claim if you find yourself staring down an injury.

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