What you need to understand about RSIs

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If you get injured on the job in an accident, you may be aware of what your options are. However, other injuries that build slowly can also cause issues.

The more that you know about injuries caused by repetitive stress, the easier it is for you to get proper compensation. Those who have sustained repetitive stress injuries, or RSIs have rights just like those involved in accidents.

What is an RSI?

An RSI is also often called a repetitive stress injury, or a repetitive strain injury. It occurs due to making the same movements over and over and generally becomes gradually worse over time. One example of an RSI is carpal tunnel syndrome. Back pain as well as shoulder or neck pain can also be due to repetitive stress.

What should you do if you have an RSI?

Some may think that they are not entitled to workers’ compensation benefits even though they have an RSI. The reality is, though, that these kinds of injuries can be just as serious as one-time accidents. If you have an RSI or suspect that you do, it is important to visit your doctor and also speak to your employer about the injuries that you have sustained.

An injury can be a difficult thing to deal with on the job, whether it is a one-time accident or something that developed slowly over time. The more you are aware of what an RSI is, the easier it will be for you to address it and get the proper compensation.

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