Common costs of a wrongful death

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Workers’ compensation covers employees when they sustain an injury on the job. It exists to cover the costs of treatments and help with a loss in wages through recovery. However, those who lose loved ones due to workplace accidents may find that there are more costs than just lost wages.

While no one can prepare for everything, it is useful to understand the costs of wrongful death in order to understand what workers’ compensation covers.

Common costs post-accident

Employees suffering a catastrophic accident on the job often find themselves taken to the hospital via ambulance. There, they undergo emergency treatment with lifesaving technology. All of this comes at a cost, and NPR reports patients who die in the hospital run up costs averaging $32,379.

After a loved one dies, one of the most immediate costs afterward is the funeral. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the South Atlantic region sees a median cost of an adult funeral ranging from $7,070 to $7,800. This depends on whether the funeral involves a cremation or burial. These costs include transportation, body preparation and basic services. They do not include extra costs like a burial vault, which cemeteries may require.

Common coverage in Florida

Florida has statutes that dictate the amount of coverage resulting from a wrongful death. This includes funeral expenses up to a certain amount and compensation to a family that varies depending on the family’s size.

When handling these complicated workers’ compensation affairs, all while grieving an unexpected loss, it is important to learn as much as possible regarding a case’s unique factors.

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