Do you know common injuries caused by your profession?

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Some professions are dangerous and more susceptible to accidental injuries than others. However, this does not mean less-risky jobs do not come with their inherent risks.

Jobs that require a lot of standing, hand movements and use of tools may come with their own set of common injuries. Find out more about other injuries faced in low-impact industries.

Are hand injuries job-related?

When a profession necessitates repetitive and intricate movement of the hands, such as a cosmetology or typist, a worker may wind up with hand pain. While a little here and there is not necessarily bad, if the pain becomes consistent or worsens and makes it difficult to perform basic tasks, it may relate to the job. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common job-related injuries for workers in fields that require consistent hand and wrist movements for long periods. If left untreated, carpal tunnel may require surgery to heal fully.

Is shoulder pain a job injury?

Jobs requiring the arms to remain at or above shoulder level may eventually wear out the rotator cuff muscles. The tendons, ligaments and large tissue of the shoulder hold the ball and socket joint together, allowing for the shoulder’s mobility. Repetitive motions, such as those a cosmetologist performs when cutting hair, can degrade these muscles and cause tears. The damage may require physical therapy and surgery to fix.

Florida workers who perform the same motions daily may have injuries related to these repetitive uses. For those in local industries, a doctor can help guide the way through the pain, while a professional with workers’ compensation experience can assist with filing a claim.

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