How to get compensation for a remote work injury

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Recent advances in technology, combined with a shift toward providing employees with more flexibility and the opportunity to reduce the cost and environmental impact of commuting have led to an increase in remote work. More employees working remotely means more potential for employees to suffer a work-related injury while working at home.

How can employees get worker’s compensation for a work injury that happens at home?

Challenges of proving a worker’s compensation case for remote workers

Injuries that happen in the home present some challenges for both workers and employers. The employer does not have the same level of control over the safety of the work environment as it does with on-site workers and there are usually no witnesses to verify what happened. This can make it difficult for employees to prove that their injuries are work-related.

What to do if you hurt yourself while working at home

If you hurt yourself while performing an authorized work-related task in your home, you may be able to get worker’s compensation benefits. Start by reporting your injury to your employer. Be specific about what happened and when. Take clear photos of the area where the accident happened and your injuries. Get medical treatment and keep track of your medical bills.

While proving your case may be challenging, you may be able to collect worker’s compensation benefits for an injury that occurs at home. However, it is important to understand the law and ensure that you are fully complying with your employer’s remote work policy and that your home office is compliant with your employer’s guidelines.

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